Posterior auricular artery

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Superficial arteries of the head, the auricularis posterior, can be seen behind the folded auricle.

The arteria auricularis posterior ("rear ear artery ") - in animal anatomy called arteria auricularis caudalis - is an artery that arises from the outer carotid artery, the arteria carotis externa , and parts of the auricle , the middle and inner ear as well as a small area of ​​the superficial soft tissues behind the ear. It crosses under the facial nerve and runs between the mastoid process and the outer ear, in parts together with the nerve of the same name, which is a branch of the facial nerve . One of its terminal branches, the arteria tympanica posterior , supplies the tympanic cavity together with the arteria tympanica inferior from the arteria pharyngea ascendens .


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