Atlantis (magazine)

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Atlantis - countries, peoples, travel

description Culture magazine
language German
publishing company Atlantis Verlag, Zurich and Freiburg im Breisgau
First edition 1929
attitude 1964
Frequency of publication per month
editor Martin Hürlimann
ZDB 211777-0

The magazine Atlantis: Länder, Völker, Reisen was published by Atlantis Verlag from 1929 to 1964 . In 1964, Atlantis merged with the cultural magazine Du - magazine for culture .

Atlantis first appeared in Berlin, from September 1944 to April 1950 in Zurich and from 1950 back in Germany. Martin Hürlimann was the long-time editor .

The magazine was published monthly - also during the Second World War - with topics in the fields of art, culture, travel, research and history. Each issue was richly illustrated. The booklets and reports from the immediate post-war period are particularly interesting .

Atlantis is one of the forerunners of today's magazines like GEO or Merian .