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Martin Hürlimann (born November 12, 1897 in Zurich ; † March 4, 1984 ibid) was a Swiss publisher , founder of Atlantis Verlag and editor of the magazine Atlantis .


After graduating from high school in Frauenfeld , he studied history, German literature and philosophy at the universities of Zurich , Leipzig and Berlin . He received his doctorate in 1924 with the dissertation The Enlightenment in Zurich. The development of Zurich Protestantism in the 18th century .

In 1929 Hürlimann founded the magazine Atlantis in Berlin , which specializes in countries, travel and peoples, and in 1930 Atlantis Verlag, in which he included the Orbis Terrarum series by Wasmuth Verlag . In 1933 he married Bettina Kiepenheuer , the eldest daughter of the publisher Gustav Kiepenheuer . The marriage resulted in 4 children. In 1936 he founded the Zurich branch of Atlantis Verlag; In 1939, due to the outbreak of war, he moved the headquarters entirely to Zurich, with a branch in Freiburg im Breisgau .

As a publisher, Hürlimann created several standard works, such as the Atlantis Book of Music (1934) and Grosse Schweizer (1938), and published the official catalog for the Swiss National Exhibition in 1939 . In addition, he wrote articles and books illustrated with his own photographs. From 1922 onwards he collected material for his texts and photographs on extensive travels in Europe and Asia, thereby creating important contemporary documents. The self-taught photographer was best known for his architectural photos. In his texts he dealt primarily with the history and culture of different countries as well as with famous personalities.

His work earned him national and international recognition. Among other things, he was honored with the David Octavius ​​Hill Medal of the German Photographic Academy in 1966 . He was also President of the Learned Society in Zurich , of the Zurich City Theater and Central President of the Swiss Association of Booksellers and Publishers (SBVV).

His photographic estate is in the archive of the Swiss Foundation for Photography (SSP), his publishing estate in the Zurich Central Library .

Works (selection)

  • Switzerland. Landscape and architecture . Atlantis, Berlin / Zurich 1931
    • 8th (last) edition as: Switzerland. A European cultural landscape . Atlantis, Zurich 1971
  • Berlin. Reports and pictures . Atlantis, Berlin 1934
    • New edition as: Berlin. Royal residence - imperial capital - new beginning . Atlantis, Zurich and Freiburg 1981
  • Pictures from Berlin, Potsdam and the surrounding area . Atlantis, Berlin 1936
    • new in: The royal capital. Potsdam and Sanssouci . Argon, Berlin 1990
  • Gothic cathedrals in France. Paris - Chartres - Amiens - Reims (text by Paul Clemen ). Atlantis, Zurich 1937; 7. A. 1976 (with explanations by Peter Meyer )
  • Eternal Greece. A viewing and reading book . Atlantis, Zurich 1944; 9 A. 1977
  • Reunion with Asia. The peoples of the east yesterday and today. A travel report . Atlantis, Zurich 1959; 3rd, through A. 1966
  • with an introduction by Rolf Linnenkamp: Florence . Atlantis Verlag, Zurich 1960
  • Ricarda Yikes. From the memories of a publisher and an author . In: You. Cultural monthly . 24th year 1964 ( doi: 10.5169 / seals-294275 )
  • Japan. Text by M. Hürlimann with photos by René Burri et al., Atlantis 1975.
  • Contemporary out of the tight. Memories . Atlantis, Freiburg im Breisgau / Huber, Frauenfeld 1977
  • From the city theater to the opera house. Zurich theater stories . Classen, Zurich 1980



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