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Atomic chess is a variant of chess .

Atomic chess is identical to standard chess with one exception relating to capturing. While in standard chess the hitting stone takes the place of the defeated one, in atomic chess both stones are removed from the board because each stroke triggers an atomic explosion. In addition, this extends to all neighboring fields. Every piece (with the exception of the pawn) on the orthogonally or diagonally adjacent squares is also removed from the board, no distinction is made between black and white. Is z. For example, if a white piece captures a black piece and there is a white piece on an adjacent square, it is also removed from the board. A pawn is only removed from the board if he is directly involved in the capture process, i.e. is either the capturing or the captured piece.

Instead of mating the king, as in chess, the atomic chess game is usually ended by capturing a piece next to the king. Because like the other characters, he is hit by the explosion. Usually, i. H. In the versions played on the popular Internet Chess Club and FICS platforms, the king can also be captured directly, the concept of the chess law does not exist explicitly, as an attack on the king can also be answered directly by exploding the opposing king and winning immediately, if the position allows it.

Since the game is much faster overall, White has a very strong initiative from the start . Therefore, in most openings, Black is only occupied with fending off White's direct attacks for a long time. For example, after the move 1. Nf3 he can practically only answer with f6 or e5 . The draw advantage of the white man in this respect is significantly greater than in standard chess . There are numerous openings that allow Black only a single move to hold the position in multiple situations. Nevertheless, no opening variant is known so far that gives White a proven advantage if Black plays correctly, and there are numerous pitfalls in the opening phase for White players too.

Atomic chess can be played on so-called chess servers on the Internet ( see also: Free Internet Chess Server ).


In addition to the atomic chess described, there are still a few variants, such as a variant in which there are no special rules for the pawns.

Lars Döring describes a variant in which the farmers, but not the king, are destroyed by a blow on a neighboring field. The attraction advantage of white is therefore considerably smaller. In this variant, the king may capture himself, whereby the pieces in the area are destroyed, but he himself cannot. However, he may not capture a covered piece, even if the covering piece would be destroyed by the blow.


The origin of atomic chess is not exactly known. In 1995 Klaus Knopper compiled the rules for the German Internet Chess Server at the University of Kaiserslautern. Several chess variants that are independent of atomic chess also have the English name of Atomic Chess . However, they are less common.


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