Aulus Postumius Albinus (Consul 151 BC)

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Aulus Postumius Albinus was a Roman politician and writer of the 2nd century BC. Chr.

A. Postumius Albinus belonged to an embassy to King Perseus of Macedonia , who he guarded as a military tribune in 167 BC. After the victory of Pydna took over. Probably 159 BC He was aedile . As praetor urbanus 155 v. He received an embassy from Greek philosophers. 154 BC He belonged to an embassy to mediate between Attalus II and Prusias II . 151 BC Postumius was consul . The tribunes had him and his colleague arrested because of their severity. 146 BC After the destruction of Corinth, he became a member of a commission for the establishment of the province of Achaia . After Cicero he received monuments in important places.

Only Gellius and Macrobius provide information about his historical work . He is said to have written in the manner of Thucydides and in the Greek language. Polybius also mentions a poem that may coincide with a testified text about the arrival of Aeneas in Italy. Polybios and Cato rejected the work of Postumius. Cicero was still familiar with the work and judged positively. Then it was lost.


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