Attalus II

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A sculpture of Attalos in Antalya

Attalos II. Philadelphos ( Greek Ἄτταλος Βʹ ὁ Φιλάδελφος Áttalos B ho Philádelphos ; * 220 BC ; † 138 BC ) was king of Pergamon from the Attalid dynasty . He was the second son of Attalus I and Apollonis .

He followed in 159 BC. His brother Eumenes II. On the throne after he had been since 192 BC. Had made state business. In the same year he married Stratonike , his brother's widow. He is the builder of the famous Stoa of Attalus in Athens . His nickname “Philadelphos” (“brother-loving”) is due to his close relationship with Eumenes.

His illegitimate son Aristonikos claimed in 133 BC The throne under the name Eumenes III.


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predecessor Office successor
Eumenes II King of Pergamon
159-138 BC Chr.
Attalus III.