Eumenes II

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Coin of Eumenes II.

Eumenes II. ( Greek Εὐμένης Βʹ Euménēs B ; * 221 BC ; † 158 BC ) was from 197 BC. Until his death King of Pergamum from the Attalid family .

Eumenes II was the eldest son of Attalus I and Apollonis . As ruler he was able to push back the influence of the Galatians and extended his empire to the Taurus . Through an alliance with Rome he achieved after the peace of Apamea in 188 BC. BC, which resulted in the displacement of the Seleucid Empire from Asia Minor, the political supremacy in Anatolia. As a result, he received the Cappadocian princess Stratonike as his wife. In wars against the kingdoms of Bithynia and Pontus , he was able to defend the newly won position of power. In the Greek world he distinguished himself as a benefactor ( Euergetes ) in order to gain recognition for his dynasty. He probably initiated the construction of the Pergamon Altar .


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Attalus I. King of Pergamon
197–158 BC Chr.
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