Australian Stock Horse

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Australian Stock Horse
Stock Horse ready for work.jpg
Important data
Origin: New South Wales
Main breeding area: Australia
Distribution: Australia
Stick measure : 145 - 160 cm
Colors : mostly browns and foxes
Main application area: Riding and work horse

The Australian Stock Horse - also Stockhorse or Australian Stockhorse - is a breed of horse that is mainly bred as an agricultural utility horse by Australian cattle breeders on the "cattle or sheep stations" (see ranching ) .

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The Australian Stock Horse is a medium-sized and robust workhorse similar in type to the American Quarter Horse . Inconsistent in type, it is close to English thoroughbred , with a medium-sized head and a strong, short neck. The shoulder is well set and broad, the withers weak. The middle section is sufficiently wide and is characterized by its good load-bearing capacity. The well-muscled croup is steeply sloping with a deep tail. The legs are dry and hard and the hooves are of excellent quality.

The movement mechanics are flat according to the intended use, with a high degree of maneuverability and pronounced surefootedness.


Like the representatives of the North American Western horse breeds, the Australian Stock Horse has a calm disposition and often has a pronounced cow sense , which is essential for working with the ranchers' herds.

The Australian Stock Horse is considered to be a persistent and eager to walk all-rounder and is an agile, easy-to-feed and rideable horse. It is characterized by its high resistance and endurance. Often one can find quick jumpers as well.

Breeding history

The origin of the Australian Stock Horse can be seen in the whale , which was bred by the colonialists of Australia by crossing horses imported from South Africa and Chile with thoroughbreds and Arabs . As a cavalry mount and ranch horse, especially for sheep and cattle husbandry, the whale was a popular horse for a long time. However, one cannot speak of the Waler as a breed, as there were no uniform breeding regulations.

To create the Australian Stock Horse breed, thoroughbred and quarter horses were increasingly introduced into the population at the beginning of the 20th century. At times, some Percheron stallions were also used to give the type more mass and size.

The name is borrowed from the Australian term "Stockman" ( cowboy ), which means something like drover . The supervision of breeding and registrations is the responsibility of the Australian Stock Horse Society . The regulations provide for a type close to the Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse, which should, however, be a little longer in the back line and, although the external characteristics of the Waler have been lost, should retain its usefulness.

The most famous representative of this breed is Regal Realm , with whom Lucinda Green managed to achieve the world title in eventing .

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