Autoblindo AB41

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Autoblindo AB41

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General properties
crew 3 men
length 5.20 m
width 1.92 m
height 2.48 m
Dimensions 7,500 kg
Armor and armament
Armor 6-40 mm
Main armament 20 mm MK Breda modello 35
Secondary armament 2 × 7.62 mm MG Breda model 38
drive 6-cylinder in-line engine SAP Abm1
80 HP (60 kW)
Top speed 78 km / h
Power / weight 10.6 hp / t
Range 400 km

Autoblindo AB41 was an Italian four-wheeled reconnaissance vehicle used in World War II .


In 1939 the Autoblindo AB41 reconnaissance vehicle was introduced. The main task of the vehicle was the control and surveillance of the Italian colonies in North Africa as well as the service as an armored reconnaissance unit in the Italian cavalry divisions. The first combat mission of the AB41 took place during the war in Italian Libya . Thanks to the advanced design, the vehicle was also very popular with the soldiers of the German Africa Corps . The AB41 also proved itself in the fighting in the Balkans as well as in the later battles against partisans.

Originally a successor was to be constructed, but the Italian surrender in 1943 prevented this. The Germans took over 30 AB41s and built 20 more. The German Wehrmacht also took over the plans for the successor . These plans have also been implemented. A total of 339 AB41s were produced. This made the AB41 one of the most frequently used Italian reconnaissance tanks.


The AB41 was designed to perform surveillance tasks in the colonies. Due to the different types of terrain that exist there, it was necessary to adjust the tire pressure in order to be able to guarantee mobility without major problems. Thus, a tire pressure regulation system ensured that the tire pressure and with it the contact area of ​​the tires could be adapted to the terrain. By replacing the rubber-tyred wheels with a special rail wheel set, the vehicle could be modified so that it could run on railroad tracks. For this purpose there was also a set with special signals and a tower-mounted searchlight.

The first vehicles of this series still bore the name AB40 and led only two 8mm Breda - machine guns with them. After realizing that this was not nearly enough firepower, it was decided to use the turret of the L6 / 40 light tank . The MG were by the 20-mm-Breda- machine guns replaced. One machine gun was directed forward and one rearward to enable all-round defense. Some later vehicles received a turret-mounted MG for anti-aircraft defense .

Like most four-wheeled scout vehicles , the AB41 also suffered from its inadequate off-road capabilities compared to full-track vehicles. The trench crossing ability was only 0.40 m. Thanks to the large wheels, however, the vehicle was able to wade up to 0.70 m.



  • AB40: like AB41, but with its own closed turret and 2 × Breda 8 mm machine guns
  • AB41
  • AB43: This last version was used by the German Wehrmacht. They had an open turret and a 50 mm anti-tank gun . Usually the MG42 or MG34 was used here instead of the Breda MG .

Other versions were planned, for example as a flak vehicle or command vehicle. However, it was no longer carried out.


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