BL 6 inch MK XXIII

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BL 6 inch MK XXIII

Front gun turrets of HMS Belfast

General Information
Military designation: BL 6 inch Mk XXIII
Manufacturer country: United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Australia New Zealand
New ZealandNew Zealand 
Production time: 1931 to 1985
Number of pieces: 469
Weapon Category: Ship gun
Technical specifications
Pipe length: 7.6 m
Caliber :

152.4 mm
(6 inches)

Caliber length : 50
Weight ready for use: 7000 kg
Cadence : 8 rounds / min
Elevation range: -5 to 60 degrees
Charging principle: Breech loader
Ammunition supply: manually
Drive: manually
Range: 14,000 m at 13 °
23,300 m at 45 °
Bullet speed: 840 m / s
Bullet weight: 112 pounds ~ 51 kg
Propellant weight: 14 kg

The BL 6 Inch Mk XXIII was a British main battery gun that was mainly used on light cruisers during the Second World War and the Korean War from the 1930s . It is a solid breech gun with a caliber of 6 inches (152 mm) and a gauge length of 50 mm. It replaced the BL 8-inch MK VIII guns .


The development of the weapon was still under the influence of the Washington Naval Conference , at which various limitations for warships were decided and should make ships below the new capital ships more effective with a weight comparable to that of their predecessor. In particular, ships that were assigned to the 'light cruisers' category had an upper caliber limit for the main armament of 155 mm.

The result was a manually loaded cannon with a caliber of 6 inches, which, with a propellant charge weight of 14 kg, could fire a 51 kg projectile up to 23.3 km. With a trained crew, 8 rounds per minute were usually achieved and the service life of a tube (effective full charges) was between 1100 and 2200 rounds, depending on the type of propellant charge.

The weapon was usually installed in turrets with two or three tubes that could be loaded up to an angle of attack of 12.5 °. Due to the elevation range of a maximum (depending on the turret design) 45 ° or 60 °, it was only suitable for air defense to a very limited extent .



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