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BTEX or BTXE is an abbreviation for the aromatic hydrocarbons B Enzol , T oluol , E thylbenzol and X ylole . They are volatile organic compounds . As raw materials, the BTEX are important for the petrochemical industry . In environmental analysis, the abbreviation BTX means a sum parameter for “highly volatile aromatic hydrocarbons”.

Environmental hazards

These substances can become pollutants from certain solvents ( e.g. solvent naphtha ), old deposits (e.g. from gasworks), exhaust gases from motor vehicles or from seepage of fuels or waste water from oil and natural gas production (formation water, flowback from unconventional production using hydraulic fracturing ) get into the groundwater and thus also into the drinking water. The poisonous effect consists in liver damage and chronic nerve damage. Benzene is also carcinogenic.

Individual evidence

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