Skive Nord train station

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Skive north
Location of the first train stations in Skive, North: No. 3
Location of the first train stations in Skive, North: No. 3
opening 1884
Conveyance 1971
City / municipality Skive
region Central Jutland
Country Denmark
Coordinates 56 ° 34 '4 "  N , 9 ° 2' 3"  E Coordinates: 56 ° 34 '4 "  N , 9 ° 2' 3"  E
Railway lines
List of train stations in Denmark
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The Skive North Station was a Danish railway station in the town of Skive in Northern Jutland . The station was on the disused railway lines Skive – Glyngøre (Sallingbanen, 1884–1971) and Skive – Rødding (Vestsallingbanen, 1924–1966).

The railway restaurant at Nordbanevej


The station was originally called Skive Holdeplads until Danske Statsbaner no longer used the name Holdeplads on May 1, 1922 and instead called the Skive Nord station .

From 1884 to 1962 Skive Holdeplads / Skive Nord was on Nordbanevej near the city center. During this time, the station had more passengers than the remote Skive H station .

The station was not planned to accept cargo and had no loading platform . The small station building was expanded in 1886. With the opening of the railway restaurant directly opposite on June 7, 1885, the space problem eased. In the period from 1923 to 1925, the platform was rebuilt and a separate track laid for the Vestsallingbane . This used the track of the Sallingbane between Skive H and Skive Nord . However, there was a separate track next to the Sallingbane on a shared embankment.


In 1962, Skive H station was relocated to its current location as a through station. The two Sallingbahnen were threaded into the new train station, and the new line routing meant that Skive was bypassed in a wide arc to the west. Three kilometers from Skive H , a new Skive Nord station was built between a housing estate and fields . Due to the distance from the city center, the number of passengers fell sharply.

Skive Nord remained the place where the two Salling lifts branched out. The station has been downgraded to a breakpoint. The points and signals were set by Skive H station . At that time it was the farthest from the signal box in Denmark.


The old Skive Nord station became superfluous when the track was laid in 1962. The station building was demolished in 1964 to make way for Nørre Boulevard .

When the Vestsallingbane was shut down in 1966 , the signal and turnout systems at the stop could be dispensed with. In 1971, passenger traffic on the Sallingbane ended and the stop was completely shut down. It was not necessary for the freight traffic carried out until 1979.


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