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Balamir (also Balamber ) was supposedly a king of the Huns in the 4th century.

Balamir is said to have advanced across the Volga with his cavalry armies and smashed the Alan empire on Terek , Kuban and on the lower Don . Thereupon he attacked Ermanarich's Greutungenreich and forced it to military service and tribute . He is later said to have married a Gothic princess after killing her father Vinitharius , who rebelled against him.

The historicity of Balamir, mentioned by Jordanes , is controversial. The name is adjusted to the Gothic Valamer (Valamir), and certainly the Huns advancing westward around 375 did not yet have Gothic names (this was the case only later). It is therefore possible that the Goths wanted to associate their defeat in southern Russia with just one person.


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