Baldo Angelo Abati

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De Admirabili Viperae natura, & de mirificis eiusdem facultatibus Liber , title page of the 1603 edition

Baldo Angelo Abati (or ... Abbati ), Latinized Baldus Angelus (Abbatius) (* in Gubbio ), was an Italian doctor . He lived in the second half of the 16th century.

Baldo Angelo Abati's book De admirabili viperae natura et de mirificis eiusdem facultatibus liber (published in Urbino in 1589) was one of the first books on snakes. It was dedicated to Francesco Maria II della Rovere , the 6th Duke of Urbino. A second edition appeared in Urbino in 1591 and another in Nuremberg in 1603. The latter also experienced two editions up to 1660. Five of the 32 book chapters deal with the effects and medical uses of snake venom . In Chapter 14, Abati, who dissected a rattlesnake, lists the edible parts of the snake and provides information on different ways to prepare the snake meat.


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