Balvenie Distillery

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Balvenie Distillery

Balvenie Distillery

country Scotland
region Speyside
Geographical location 57 ° 27 '12.4 "  N , 3 ° 7' 30.7"  W Coordinates: 57 ° 27 '12.4 "  N , 3 ° 7' 30.7"  W.
Type Paint
status active
owner William Grant & Sons Ltd.
Founded 1892
founder William J. Grant
Water source Robbie Dubh
Washstill (s) 2 × 12,729 l, 2 × 9,092 l
Spiritstill (s) 5 × 12,729 l
Production volume 5,600,000 l

Balvenie Distillery [bal'veni] is a whiskey distillery in Dufftown , Banffshire, Scotland , UK .


Balvenie was built in 1892 by William J. Grant, who also founded Glenfiddich . The first firing process took place on May 1, 1893. Balvenie is still today below the Glenfiddich distillery on the slopes of the Convals near Dufftown. If you said in Dufftown "Rome was built on seven hills, Dufftown was built on seven stills", the grants here have played their part twice. There is now a third distillery on the site: the Kininvie distillery, which opened in 1990. The village of Duffton was once founded as Balvenie . The ruins of Balvenie Castle can still be visited today .

In the construction of Balvenie, inexpensive used stills from Lagavulin and Glen Albyn were used . In 1957 the number of stills was increased from two to four, in 1965 and 1971 the distillery was renovated and expanded. First two more were added to the four stills, then one more. The distillery now has nine stills. The water for distilling is still taken from local sources (Robbie Dubh), which Balvenie always had to share with big sister Glenfiddich, as well as the boiler maker, cooper and master distiller David Steward. Only 15% of the malt requirement should still come from our own production. The handpicked, cut and dried peat also distinguishes the little sister from the big sister. However, the first single malt was not bottled until 1973. Until then, the whiskey flowed into the in-house blending .


The water for the Speyside distillery comes from the Robbie Dubh springs. Production takes place with a mash tun ( mash tun ) of 10.2 tons, ten fermentation vats ( wash backs ) made of Douglas fir , four wash stills (two with 12,729 liters and two with 9,092 liters) and five spirit stills of 12,729 liters each, each with internal steam spirals are fired. The steam itself comes from Glenfiddich's waste heat.


Current bottlings

Balvenie Aged 12 Years
Bottle and box of whiskey Balvenie Week Of Peat 14 years, appearance 2019
  • Doublewood Aged 12 Years (matured in a sherry barrel)
  • Doublewood Aged 17 Years (2012 introduced older version of the normal Doublewood)
  • Caribbean Cask Aged 14 Years (matured in a rum barrel)
  • Triple Cask Aged 12/16/25 Years (first fill Bourbon, re-fill Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry)
  • Peated triple cask
  • Single Barrel Aged 12/15/25 Years
  • Balvenie Stories series:
    • The Sweet Toast Of American Oak Aged 12 Years (matured in ex-bourbon and fresh, heavily burned barrels from Kentucky)
    • The Week Of Peat Aged 14 Years
    • A Day Of Dark Barley Aged 26 Years
  • Portwood Aged 21 Years (matured in a port wine barrel)
  • Madeira Cask Aged 21 Years
  • Balvenie Thirty Aged 30 Years (matured in an Oloroso barrel, bottled at cask strength, 47.3% alcohol)
  • Balvenie Forty Aged 40 Years (small series with 150 bottles)
  • Balvenie Fifty Aged 50 Years (small series with 88 bottles, 44.1% alcohol)
  • Tun 1401 (excluding travel values ​​filling, but without age specification, currently 5 batches)
  • Do 1509 batch 1-6

Discontinued bottlings

  • Founder's Reserve Aged for 10 years in bourbon barrels
  • Founder's Reserve Aged 10 Years (predecessor to Doublewood 12 Year Old)
  • Signature Aged 12 Years (matured in bourbon and sherry barrels)
  • Cuban Selection Aged 14 Years (matured in Cuban rum barrels)
  • Golden Cask Aged 14 Years (matured in rum barrels)
  • Roasted Malt Aged 14 Years (Made with stronger roasted beer malt)
  • RumWood Aged 14 Years (matured in rum barrels from Guyana and Venezuela)
  • Peated Cask Aged 17 Years (matured in barrels which previously contained peated whiskey)
  • Madeira Cask Aged 17 Years (matured in Madeira barrels)
  • SherryOak Aged 17 Years
  • New Oak Aged 17 Years and New Wood Aged 17 Years (aged in first-fill American oak barrels)
  • RumCask Aged 17 Years (matured in Jamaica rum barrels)
  • Balvenie Islay Cask Aged 17 Years (matured for 6 months in an Islay barrel, limited bottling)
  • Single Barrel 25 Aged 25 Years (small series, from only 1 barrel, with 250 bottles)
  • Cask 15354 Aged 32 Years (small series, from only 1 barrel, with 216 bottles)
  • 1964 Aged 43 Years (small series, from only 1 barrel, with 151 bottles, exclusively for Travel Value in Hong Kong)
  • Cask 191 Aged 50 Years (small series, from only 1 barrel, with 83 bottles)
  • Portwood 1989, 1991, 1993 (matured in a port wine barrel)

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