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In gambling , the banker or banker or banker or bank for short is the one who plays alone against all the others, the so-called punchers .

Most casino games are so-called banker games . banking games , French jeux de contrepartie such as Roulette , Craps , Sic Bo , Black Jack , Tropical Stud , Easy Poker or Baccara Banque . In these games, one party - namely the casino - is preferred by the rules of the game (so-called bank advantage ), so that the opponents, the so-called pointers (from French point, German point, see Pharo ) in the long term, i.e. if the game is frequent, for sure lose.

In contrast to the banker games , in the non banking games , French jeux de cercle, all players - at least on average - have the same chances of winning. This is the case with most poker variants such as Draw Poker , Seven Card Stud and Texas Hold'em , but also with Écarté or all those games where there is no permanent banker, but this role changes, such as Baccarat chemin de fer .


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