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David Sidney Parlett (born May 18, 1939 in London ) is a British game author and card game expert . He was best known as the author of the game Rabbit and Hedgehog , which he invented in 1973 and which was the first game to receive the Game of the Year award in 1979 . He is also the author of numerous publications on card games, including the standard Oxford Guide to Card Games .


David Parlett first studied French and German in Aberystwyth in Wales , where he graduated in 1961. He taught French at a school for six years; he then created technical descriptions for a PR agency for advertising publications for architecture. Before he dealt more intensively with games, he translated the Carmina Burana into English verse. He became the author and critic of the games magazine Games and Puzzles and its editor for a year. In 1974 his game Bunny and Hedgehog was released in England by Intellect Games and in 1975 Parlett became a freelancer in games. His first game book, "Teach Yourself Card Games for Three", appeared in 1977, and other books and games followed. In 1978 Hase und Igel was published by Ravensburger . With the Game of the Year award, the game was sold millions of times. In 2000 he co-founded the British Skat Association, which he now presides over.

In 1996 he published a translation of the Carmina Burana into English verse.

Parlett lives in London. He has two children with his wife Barbara.


In addition to the game Hase und Igel , which has been sold over 2 million times and translated into 10 languages, the game author received awards for:


In addition to the games mentioned, his ludography includes :

  • Ninety-nine , a card game
  • The puzzle of Oz
  • Shoulder to shoulder
  • Pot Black , a game of dice
  • Rainbow "Junior , a variant of Scrabble
  • The Gnümies
  • LifeCards
  • All around the house game

Books (selection)

Parlett wrote a total of over 50 writings and books, some of which appeared in 5 languages, including

Individual evidence

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