Bassa (West Africa)

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Bassa women (1922)

The Bassa are the second largest people in Liberia and live in Grand Bassa County , River Cess County and Montserrado County .

A total of 350,000 Bassa live in Liberia (1991 census). But there are also 5,000 Bassa in Sierra Leone . They speak the Bassa language , a Kru language , and have developed their own script - called " Bassa" or "Vah ", which developed in the 19th century. Traditionally, the Bassa have their own West African religion, but they have also practiced Christianity since the 18th century.


The Bassa (besides the Dei, Bassa, Kru, Krahn and Grebo), also known as Kwa speakers, can trace their historical roots back to Egypt . When the Adbassa Empire collapsed in the 6th century, they migrated from Egypt to Bassa-ri, which included parts of what is now Senegal, Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Togo and Cameroon. The Adbassa empire resided for three centuries alongside the Bornu empires , the house states and the Yoruba kingdoms.


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