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Basic data
Title: Ordinance on the return and disposal of used batteries and accumulators
Short title: Battery regulation
Abbreviation: BattV
Type: Federal Ordinance
Scope: Federal Republic of Germany
Issued on the basis of: Sections 12, 23, 24, 57, 59 KrW- / AbfG a. F.
Legal matter: Special administrative law , environmental law
References : 2129-27-2-9 a. F.
Original version from: March 27, 1998
( BGBl. I p. 658 )
Entry into force on: April 3, 1998
Last revision from: July 2, 2001
( BGBl. I p. 1486 )
Last change by: Art. 7 G of 9 September 2001
( Federal Law Gazette I p. 2331, 2332 )
Effective date of the
last change:
January 1, 2002
(Art. 35 G of September 9, 2001)
Expiry: December 1, 2009
(Art. 3 Paragraph 1 G of June 25, 2009,
Federal Law Gazette I p. 1582, 1591 )
Please note the note on the applicable legal version.

The German Battery Ordinance (BattV) was intended to reduce the entry of pollutants into waste by batteries by prohibiting certain batteries containing pollutants from being placed on the market and stipulating take-back obligations.

It also stipulated that used batteries should be taken back and recycled properly and without damage in accordance with the provisions of the Recycling Management Act, or that non-recyclable batteries should be disposed of in a manner compatible with the common good, and that batteries should be made reusable and technically durable.

For distributors of starter batteries , § 6 BattV also stipulates that they had to charge a deposit of 7.50 euros including sales tax if no old battery was returned when purchased.

With the battery regulation that were Directive 91/157 / EEC of 18 March 1991 containing certain dangerous substances batteries and accumulators and the Directive 93/86 / EEC of 4 October 1993 adapting Directive 91/157 / EEC Council on batteries and accumulators containing dangerous substances to technical progress (OJ EC No. L 264 p. 51) implemented in German law.

In January 2009, the federal government drafted a “law on the new regulation of waste product responsibility for batteries and accumulators”, which was promulgated on June 30, 2009 ( Federal Law Gazette I p. 1582 ). This law serves to implement the “Directive 2006/66 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 September 2006 on batteries and accumulators as well as used batteries and old accumulators” and to repeal the “Directive 91/157 / EEC” (OJ L 266 dated September 26, 2006, p. 1, L 339 p. 39, L 139 dated May 31, 2007, p. 40), amended by the “Directive 2008/12 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of March 11, 2008 "(OJ L 76 of 19 March 2008, p. 39) has been changed. The "Act on the placing on the market, return and environmentally compatible disposal of batteries and accumulators ( Battery Act - BattG)" contained therein as Article 1 , replaced the Battery Ordinance on December 1, 2009.

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  1. Law on the new regulation of waste product responsibility for batteries and accumulators of June 25, 2009 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1582)