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A building authority is a local, or national subnationales- Office , which deals with construction matters. The tasks and titles of these offices vary considerably between the individual states and their administrative levels. The designation building authority is therefore often imprecise.

Situation in Germany

The building authority can be part of a state, municipal, church or other public administration. Colloquially, however, the term “building authority” is often used when in reality the building supervisory authority is meant. This is to be clearly distinguished from the building authority in terms of the precise term.

The building supervisory authority , also known as the building regulation office, building permit authority, building law office, building supervision office or outdated building police , deals with sovereign tasks of building law , for example with the issuing of building permits. The organizational separation of building authority and building supervision serves to avoid conflicts of interest.

The actual building authority takes over the own construction activity of the respective corporation as fiscal activity in different differentiation, thus z. B. building construction (schools, administration buildings) or civil engineering (road construction, sewer construction) of a municipality.

In addition, with the calculation and determination of development or sewer connection contributions, the costs of such measures are often shared among those involved (building administration office) .

Building departments in communities that are themselves not approving authority, usually for the municipal development planning responsible (Planning Office) .

A distinction must be made between building authorities and building supervisory authorities, other public building authorities such as water management authorities , state building authorities, road construction authorities, etc., which essentially carry out state construction measures in their area. As specialist authorities, you are also responsible for advising other authorities on technical matters and, in many cases, issuing special permits such as B. special use permits , exceptions to cultivation bans or water law permits .

At the state level in particular, the construction tasks of individual disciplines have been transferred to the form of state companies , such as the Hessian construction management or the state company road construction NRW .

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