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The planning application is the application of the owner of a building permit for a construction project . In Germany, details are regulated by the building regulations and the building template regulations of the respective federal state. Normally, a draft author who is authorized to submit a building draft is required to prepare a building application . The construction plans, calculations, etc. are created under his responsibility. He signs these documents and the building application forms, as does the client.

In order to clarify (important) individual questions, a preliminary building request can be made before a building application .

Legal basis

The legal basis is the Building Code (BauGB) in conjunction with the state building regulations and the building regulations of the states. As a rule, the building application must be submitted to the municipality in triplicate. The previously usual building application folders in the colors

  1. Execution: green (building supervisory authority),
  2. Finishing: red (client) and
  3. Execution: yellow (municipality)

are no longer required in all federal states.

Generally necessary documents for a building application

The building application must be submitted in writing to the lower building supervisory authority. With the building application, all documents (building documents) required for assessing the building project and processing the building application must be submitted. More details are usually regulated by the respective statutory ordinances of the federal states (building template ordinances).

Building application

Completed building application (on the relevant form, if the building supervisory authority has published one) with a statistical questionnaire. Form for displaying any structural changes, for approval by the authorities. A declaration of consent from the neighbors and, if necessary, a declaration of construction charges .

Architectural drawings

Graphic representation of the planned construction project on a scale of 1: 100 (1 cm corresponds to 100 cm).

Depending on the construction project, scales of 1: 100 or 1:50 can also be required in Switzerland. For example, it makes sense to present a garden shed on a scale of 1:50, a single-family house on a scale of 1: 100, a shopping center with a scale of 1: 1000 and a district conversion with a scale of 1: 10,000.

Precise information can always be obtained from the responsible municipal office, usually from the building authority of the municipality or city.

Location map

Cadastral site plan, i. d. Usually an extract from the property map ( land map), on a scale of 1: 1000 (1 cm corresponds to 10 m) or 1: 500 (1 cm corresponds to 5 m).

This is available, depending on the state regulations, from the responsible land registry office, from publicly appointed surveyors or surveyors. As a rule, one certified and two non-certified copies must be submitted.

Building description

Building description or, in addition, the operational description (for commercial construction work). The building description explains the project in its technical details by specifying the building materials and equipment used.


Calculations and determination of the built-up area, the built-up space, the base area number (GRZ), the floor area number (GFZ), the living space or usable area, information on the shell and total costs.

In Switzerland: Calculations and determination of the built-up area and the enclosed space, the building area (BF), the window area (FF), the utilization number (AZ), evidence of energetic measures (Af / EBF), information on the shell and total costs e.g. B. in the form of a cubic calculation according to the SIA116 (old) or SIA416 (new) standard.

Technical evidence

Proof of stability (statics), proof of thermal insulation and, if applicable, proof of sound insulation . These can usually also be submitted in the course of the approval process or are not required for certain construction measures.

Company description

In the case of commercial construction projects, the description and presentation of the company's activities, the operational sequence, the number of employees, etc. are included. Most building template ordinances (BauVorlVO) do not provide any specific information on the necessary content of an establishment description. Only Schleswig-Holstein regulates the content of a building and operating description in § 9 of its building template ordinance. Many cities and municipalities offer forms for creating business descriptions for commercial plants.

Drainage plan (application)

Graphic representation of wastewater disposal (waste water and rainwater).

Any additional documents that may be required can be the fire protection certificate, detailed technical information on heating or ventilation systems and the test statics.


The costs for a building application are broken down into:

  • Application costs : These can be roughly calculated by the following rule of thumb: construction area in m³ x building value in euro / x fee rate m³ of building control authority. Because the costs are not fixed. In addition, there are usually minimum fees for processing the application, which are levied by the authorities, these are between 100-200 €.
  • Fees for the architect or other persons authorized to submit a building plan : The costs for the building application usually amount to around 0.5% of the total costs for the planned construction or renovation.

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