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The building submission authorization is required in order to be able to sign approval plans for the change or construction as well as the demolition of structures as the responsible plan maker. The draftsman with building submission rights is responsible for their content under public law .

The building submission authorization is regulated in Germany by building regulations according to state law, which can result in country-specific characteristics.

Great building submission authorization

In particular, the following persons have the authorization to submit building documents (for all structures):

Small building submission authorization

The small building submission authorization applies in the federal states of Bavaria , Baden-Württemberg , Berlin , Hamburg , Bremen , Hesse , Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein :

Master craftsmen in the main construction trade ( bricklayers , carpenters and concrete workers ), construction technicians and graduates of the courses in architecture , interior design and civil engineering , even if the latter are not included in the list of those authorized to submit building documents , are entitled to submit building applications for residential buildings with a max. 2 residential units and a total of max. 200 m² living space , single-storey commercial buildings up to max. 200 m² of gross floor area and 3 m wall height, smaller agricultural buildings of the building classes 1-3 to 200 m² Gross Area of the ground floor , garages m² to 200 usable area . Anyone who is entitled to use the professional title of "interior designer" due to the Hessian Architects and Urban Planners Act is, in addition to the minor building submission authorization, authorized to submit structural changes to buildings associated with this job.

Depending on the federal state and the respective state building regulations, the draftsman is also referred to as a property planner or plan maker. The state building regulations and regulations of the chambers of architects and engineers regulate the requirements for the draftsman. According to the state building regulations for Baden-Württemberg, interior designers may also be appointed as draftsmen. This applies e.g. B. for residential buildings with a full storey up to 150 m² floor space.

While the building submission authorization traditionally also included all verification authorizations, the last amendments to the building regulations sometimes led to different developments for the various verifications, such as stability , sound insulation , fire protection , thermal insulation , etc.

Due to the significantly greater responsibility of the building submission authorities due to the amendments to the building regulations in recent years, many experts, building submission authorities and the chambers of engineers demand that, following the example of architects, civil engineers must also be compulsory members of the chamber of engineers in order to receive the major building submission authorization, as is already the case in Saarland is. This is the only way for the Chamber to monitor the proper professional exercise, training, insurance, etc. of those authorized to submit building documents in the interests of safety and consumer protection .

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