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The approval planning , also called input planning or submission planning , is part of the construction planning for the realization of structures . In the service profiles of the object and specialist planning of the HOAI according to § 34,39,43,47,51,55 , the approval planning is named as the fourth service phase (LP 4). It includes all services for the compilation of a building application on the basis of an existing draft with the aim of obtaining a building permit . The approved design is the basis for the implementation planning (LP 5).

Building permit process

The building permit procedure is regulated in the state building regulations of the federal states. According to this, a building permit must generally be issued before the construction, conversion or change of use of a building , unless the building project does not require a permit (procedure-free) or has been exempted from a permit requirement ( permit exemption ). The demolition of a building structure, on the other hand, is often only notifiable or even completely free of proceedings, depending on state law.

In Germany , Austria , Belgium and many other countries, an authorized draftsman is usually required to prepare a building application . These are defined in the respective building regulations. Usually they are architects or civil engineers or other accredited professional groups. Occasionally there is an incompatibility between building submission authorization and construction work. In individual countries, other technically qualified specialists are entitled to submit submissions.

With the building permit, the responsible building supervisory authority declares that there is nothing contrary to the planned construction project at the time of the decision from a public law perspective. Thus, it is an administrative act that benefits the client.

Building application

The building application must be submitted in writing to the lower building supervisory authority. With the building application, all documents (building documents) required for assessing the building project and processing the building application must be submitted. Further details are regulated in Germany by the relevant statutory ordinances of the federal states (building template ordinances).

A building application in Germany usually consists of the following parts:

Individual evidence

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