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Amiens Cathedral floor plan

The floor plan , also Ichnography (from ancient Greek ίχνοσ footsteps, trace and ancient Greek γράφω scratch, draw, write ) is an abstracted, graphically represented, two-dimensional representation of a spatial condition. Floor plans can be found in technical drawings , but especially in construction drawings . The horizontal section with a downward view is called the floor plan, with an upward view the floor plan is usually called the ceiling plan or ceiling plan.

In addition to floor plans , the representational geometry also contains elevations , cross plans , views and sections . The two-panel projection provides the theoretical basis .

The term floor plan is not only used for a graphic representation, but also for the spatial relationships as such. This can also mean the arrangement, location and size of the rooms within a building . In this context, there are terms such as free floor plan and open floor plan .

Historically, Grund - Riss can be translated as "floor drawing". The floor plan is accordingly a graphic representation of the floor area. In architecture , however, it is common to lay out the floor plan as an imaginary horizontal section at about chest height, for example to display window openings that usually do not reach the floor. Things below this cutting plane , such as window parapets, then appear in your top view.

Floor plan illustrations serve, for example, a pre-existing condition be documented ( stock plan ). Often, however, they are created as part of a construction phase or construction planning. Floor plans can be in the most varied of drawing scales . Depending on the purpose and location of the horizontal section plane they are often not clearly of supervisors delineate or plan views.

Linguistic transmissions

A brief textbook , guide, or treatise that provides orientation or an overview of a specific topic is sometimes referred to as a floor plan. Well-known examples are:

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