Clear height

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The headroom also light height , and clearance , also inside diameter or inside width are two measured values from the construction and the devoted it uses, such as in transport . The former is the free vertical space, the second the free horizontal space. Together we also speak generally of light .

The dimensions of width and height in construction designate the size of an opening or a passage, for example in the wall , but also of a path that is free of obstacles. The clear dimensions are mostly based on the building dimensions .

The terms are used for:

The clearance profile in rail traffic requires a significantly greater clearance height and width of the surrounding components (e.g. bridges, tunnels).

When installing components in openings, the clear height / width and component dimensions are not the same; for example, a window may require a clear width of 101 cm (99 cm external dimension + 1 cm joint on both sides).

The dimensions given for clear heights and widths of rooms often suggest that floors, ceilings and walls form the exact rectangles that can be seen in the construction plans, which are used for the installation of interior fittings, such as B. kitchens or built-in wardrobes can be used. This overlooks the fact that the dimensions and representations are based on plans, while in practice floors and ceilings regularly sag and walls are rarely absolutely vertical.