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The book series Oldenbourg Grundriss der Geschichte ( OGG ) is a constantly growing series of historical textbooks and study books published since 1978 by the Munich Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag , and since 2013 by the Berlin publisher Walter de Gruyter .

The first twenty volumes are devoted to the great cultures of classical antiquity , the European Middle Ages , the early modern period in Europe and modern history, which are presented less and less Eurocentric, as well as, with some volumes, German history. This is followed by books that also address non-European cultures, more specific topics and prehistoric aspects.

What distinguishes the series from comparable works is the concept of the tripartite division of each volume. Every author - who, by the way, is always a particularly high profile in his field - has to write his book according to certain predetermined parameters:

  1. The first part is the representation . The current state of research on the respective topic is presented here.
  2. The second part deals with the basic problems and trends in research . This part in particular is very valuable because (since the books are primarily aimed at students) it gives an introduction to current research problems and debates.
  3. The third part, Sources and Literature, is an extensive bibliography which , like the other two points, generally takes up about a third of the work and thus usually comprises 1000 or more entries. This means that the books are also valuable from a bibliographical point of view and go far beyond those with a normal bibliography .

The series is supervised by Karl-Joachim Hölkeskamp as the successor to Jochen Bleicken for ancient history , by Steffen Patzold as the successor to Hermann Jakobs for the Middle Ages and by Achim Landwehr and Benedikt Stuchtey as the successor to Lothar Gall for modern and modern history .

Another important concern of the series is to keep up to date with the latest research. Therefore, the aim is to update and revise the individual volumes again and again, either by the original author or by a new author. Several volumes are already available in multiple new editions. The original layout and title are partly deviated from: The next edition will have two separate volumes on late antiquity and the migration of the peoples , in order to take account of the increase in research in these areas.

The sister project is the Encyclopedia of German History series, based on the same concept .


The previously published or planned volumes:

tape title author Edition / year
(first edition)
annotation ISBN
1a Greek history Wolfgang Schuller 6/2008 (1980) counted as volume 1 up to the 5th edition ISBN 3-486-58715-3
1b History of Hellenism Hans-Joachim Gehrke 4/2008 (1990) counted as volume 1a up to the 3rd edition ISBN 3-486-58785-4
2 History of the Roman Republic Jochen Bleicken 6/2004 (1980) ISBN 3-486-49666-2
3 History of the Roman Empire Werner Dahlheim 3/2003 (1984) ISBN 3-486-49673-5
4th Late antiquity and the Great Migration Jochen Martin 4/2001 (1987) ISBN 3-486-49684-0
5 The Franconian Empire Reinhard Schneider 4/2001 (1982) ISBN 3-486-49694-8
6th The formation of Europe 840–1046 Johannes Fried 3/2008 (1991) ISBN 3-486-49703-0
7th Church reform and the High Middle Ages 1046–1215 Hermann Jakobs 4/1999 (1984) ISBN 3-486-49714-6
8th Europe in the late Middle Ages 1215–1378 Ulf Dirlmeier , Gerhard Fouquet , Bernd Fuhrmann 2/2009 (2003) ISBN 3-486-58796-X
9 The 15th century Erich Meuthen 5/2012 (1980) Revision by Claudia Märtl ISBN 3-486-71720-0
10 Reformation and Counter Reformation Heinrich Lutz 5/2002 (1979) Revised as volume 39 by Alfred Kohler ISBN 3-486-49585-2
11 Baroque and Enlightenment Heinz Duchhardt ,
Matthias Schnettger
5/2015 (1989) 1st to 3rd edition under the title
The Age of Absolutism
ISBN 3-486-76730-5
12 From the Ancien Régime to the Congress of Vienna Elisabeth Fehrenbach 5/2008 (1981) ISBN 3-486-58587-8
13 Europe between Restoration and Revolution 1815–1849 Dieter Langewiesche 5/2007 (1985) Revised as volume 41 by Andreas Fahrmeir ISBN 3-486-49765-0
14th Europe on the way to the modern age 1850–1890 Lothar Gall 5/2009 (1984) ISBN 3-486-58718-8
15th The age of imperialism Gregor Schöllgen 5/2009 (1986) Revision by Friedrich Kießling ISBN 3-486-58868-0
16 The Weimar Republic Eberhard Kolb 8/2013 (1984) Revision by Dirk Schumann ISBN 3-486-71267-5
17th The Third Empire Klaus Hildebrand 7/2009 (1979) Revised as volume 45 by Jörg Echternkamp ISBN 978-3-486-59200-9
18th Europe in the East-West Conflict 1945–1991 Jost Dülffer 5/2004 (1979) 1st to 4th edition with the title
Europe in post-war world politics 1945–1963 by Andreas Hillgruber
ISBN 3-486-49105-9
19th The Federal Republic of Germany. Origin and development until 1969 Rudolf Morsey 5/2007 (1987) ISBN 3-486-58319-0
19a The Federal Republic of Germany 1969–1990 Andreas Rödder 2004 ISBN 3-486-56697-0
20th The GDR 1945–1990 Hermann Weber 5/2012 (1988) 1st edition under the title
The GDR 1945–1986
ISBN 3-486-70440-0
21st Europe between the world wars Horst Möller 1998 ISBN 3-486-52321-X
22nd Byzantium 565-1453 Peter Schreiner 4/2011 (1986) 1st and 2nd edition under the title
ISBN 3-486-70271-8
23 History of ancient America Hanns J. Prem 2/2007 (1998) ISBN 3-486-53032-1
24 The Islamic world until 1500 Tilman Nagel 1998 ISBN 3-486-53011-9
25th History of the ancient Near East Hans J. Nissen 2/2011 (1999) ISBN 3-486-59223-8
26th History of China until the Mongol conquest in 250 BC Chr. – 1279 AD Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer 1999 ISBN 3-486-56402-1
27 History of Africa in the 19th and 20th centuries Leonhard Harding 3/2013 (1999) ISBN 3-486-71702-2
28 The USA before 1900 Willi Paul Adams 2/2009 (2000) ISBN 3-486-58940-7
29 The USA in the 20th century Willi Paul Adams 3/2012 (2000) Revision by Manfred Berg ISBN 3-486-71723-5
30th The Ottoman State 1300–1922 Klaus Kreiser 2/2008 (2001) ISBN 3-486-58588-6
31 The Soviet Union 1917–1991 Manfred Hildermeier 3/2016 (2001) ISBN 3-486-71848-7
32 Great Britain 1500-2000 Peter Wende 2001 ISBN 3-486-56180-4
33 Russian History 1547–1917 Christoph Schmidt 2/2009 (2003) ISBN 3-486-58721-8
34 Indian history until 1750 Hermann Kulke 2005 ISBN 3-486-55741-6
35 History of China 1279–1949 Sabine Dabringhaus 3/2015 (2006) ISBN 3-486-78112-X
36 Modern Japan 1868–1952. From the Meiji Restoration to the San Francisco Treaty Gerhard Krebs 2009 ISBN 3-486-55894-3
37 History of ancient Israel Manfred Clauss 2009 ISBN 3-486-55927-3
38 East Central Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries Joachim von Puttkamer 2010 ISBN 3-486-58169-4
39 From the Reformation to the Peace of Westphalia Alfred Kohler 2011 Revised volume 10
Reformation and Counter-Reformation (see above)
ISBN 3-486-59803-1
40 Modern India 1498 to 2004 Jürgen Lütt 2012 ISBN 3-486-58161-9
41 Europe between Restoration, Reform and Revolution 1815–1850 Andreas Fahrmeir 2012 Revised volume 13
Europe between Restoration and Revolution 1815–1849 (see above)
ISBN 3-486-70939-9
42 USA history Manfred Berg 2013 ISBN 3-486-70482-6
43 Europe in Late Antiquity Ian N. Wood 2017 ISBN 3-11-035264-8
44 People's Republic of China Klaus Mühlhahn 2017 ISBN 3-11-035530-2
45 The Third Empire. Dictatorship, national community, war Jörg Echternkamp 2018 Revised volume 17
The Third Reich (see above)
ISBN 3-486-75569-2
46 The creation of Greece Christoph Ulf , Erich Kistler 2019 ISBN 3-486-52991-9
47 i. V. Medieval Monasticisms. Forms and Experiences of the Monastic Life in the Latin West Steven Vanderputten 2020
i. V. Germanic empire formation during the migration period Helmut Reimitz
i. V. The Aegean world. Troy, Crete and Mycenae Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier
i. V. East Central Europe from the 16th to the 18th century Joachim Bahlcke
i. V. Colonial Ibero America Horst Pietschmann
i. V. Independent Latin America 1824–1990 Peer Schmidt
i. V. Europe after the revolution. Response and Progress 1850–1870 Torsten Riotte

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