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A construction drawing (formerly also a construction plan ) is a technical drawing of the construction planning , which shows geometric and / or static information for the construction , it shows all spatial dimensions and materials, not the timing of the execution.

Often one speaks simply of a drawing when one actually means the plan , i.e. the sheet of paper or the file that has one or more drawings as well as a plan header and a layout that is as uniform as possible.

The execution and design of an architectural drawing is subject to a general consensus in the building industry . In addition to the plan formats , the use of various line types is also fixed in standards .


The representation takes place in a scale adapted to the size or the complexity of the object . A building is represented in floor plans , views , sections and details . In order to mark different materials , components or cut surfaces, hatching and possibly colors are used. Existing, new buildings and components to be demolished must also be identified. The components shown are quantified by the dimensions .

The concrete plan content and its graphic representation depends on the planning phase of the building project. In Germany, in accordance with the service phases of the HOAI , one speaks of draft planning , approval planning and implementation planning .

In addition to the designation of the construction project , the drawing number, material details , scale , creation and test notes , details of the version history and other necessary information are entered in the plan header (also called "flag") .

Creation and reproduction

Construction drawings are made by architects , civil engineers , specialist engineers and draftsmen . Until the last decade of the 20th century , pencil and ink pen were used to draw on tracing paper. This was put on a drawing board . This was followed by a very quick change to the computer technology, suitable CAD programs and plotters that were now available . Technical drawings could now also be derived from virtual 3D models.

If drawings have been copied by pauses (see also blueprint ) up to this point and the original of the technical drawing is carefully kept, the required number of copies of a drawing is now plotted directly or copied with a copier . In the meantime, however, it is also possible to forego the transmission of a technical drawing in paper form, as digitalization is also increasing in the construction industry .


General norms of technical drawing:

  • DIN 5 parts 1, 2, 10 (types of projection); DIN 201 hatching; Representation of cut surfaces ; DIN 406 dimension entry in drawings
  • DIN 1356 construction drawings , ISO 4157 construction drawings , ISO 2594 construction drawings; Projection methods ; ISO 7518 drawings for construction; Simplified illustration of demolition and reconstruction
  • DIN 919 (wood processing)
  • DIN 1986 (drainage drawings)


  • Planning regulations of the German federal states, mostly as an appendix to the state building regulations


  • SIA 400 plan processing in building construction

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