Participation in the award

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The participation in the award is part of the planning for the construction of buildings and in Germany, the seventh of nine in the fees for architects and engineers set (HOAI) phases .

Participation in the award of buildings and interiors is defined in Section 34 HOAI 2013 as the seventh service phase and described in more detail in Appendix 10 of the ordinance. It initially includes the coordination of the awarding of contracts (e.g. by means of an awarding schedule) by the specialist planners as well as obtaining offers. On the basis of the offers obtained and the specifications drawn up in service phase 6 , price lists are to be drawn up, which enable the offers to be examined and evaluated. The tender results are determined on the basis of the price comparison and the cost control is carried out by comparing them with the cost calculation. To clarify issues (interpretation of tender texts, prices, etc.), bidders may need to be held. This is followed by the creation of award proposals and thus the documentation of the award procedure. Once the most economical offer has been made, the necessary contractual documents must be compiled. Participation in placing the order concludes the service phase.

Service phase 7 is not included in the scope of the structural planning, but can be agreed and commissioned separately as a special service.


  • Ordinance on fees for architectural and engineering services (HOAI, version 2013): Annex 10 (to Section 34 Paragraph 4, Section 35 Paragraph 7) Basic services in the scope of services for buildings and interiors, special services, object lists ( available online)