Disability assistance

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The term handicapped assistance encompasses organized assistance and advice for people with disabilities . Facilities or services offered by the disabled are for example:

  • Advice centers
  • Early intervention
  • integrative facilities such as kindergartens or inclusion companies according to § 215 SGB IX
  • Special and remedial kindergartens
  • Special schools
  • special vocational schools, for example for the hearing impaired
  • Vocational training for the blind or hearing impaired, for example
  • professional integration aids
  • Housing and care offers for people with disabilities
  • Workshops for disabled people ( WfbM )
  • Offers for people with mental disabilities
  • Driving services

In the Federal Republic of Germany, these institutions are supported by independent organizations such as Caritas , Diakonisches Werk , Lebenshilfe , self-help initiatives, parent associations or, if no independent organization is available to take on the relevant tasks, by public organizations, which corresponds to the principle of subsidiarity .

There is no uniform basis for financing. The offers for services in accordance with Sections 53-60 of Book XII of the Social Code ( SGB ​​XII ), long-term care insurance ( SGB ​​XI ), the Employment Promotion Act ( SGB ​​III ), the Act on Rehabilitation and Participation of Disabled People ( SGB ​​IX ), are billed Section 35a (integration assistance for mentally handicapped children and young people) of the Child and Youth Welfare Act ( SGB ​​VIII ) and various health and rehabilitation services (including SGB ​​V and SGB ​​VII ). Funding for schools is basically a matter for the federal states.

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Associations for the disabled

According to the affiliation of the facilities to certain associations of the free welfare associations, a large part of the facilities are organized in so-called business associations with the aim of exchange and lobbying at the political level.

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