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The term " oppression " means a feeling of tightness or fear . Anxiety is usually triggered by uncontrolled fear in the form of oppressive and constricting feelings and can manifest itself in the form of cramps in the stomach and chest area . It usually has a psychological background which in turn increases the adrenaline output. In extreme forms, anxiety can lead to fainting spells , shortness of breath and fear of death . Often times, anxious people cannot think clearly and panic or experience symptoms of suffocation .

Anxiety can cause a variety of more serious illnesses, including coronary artery disease , anxiety disorder , pulmonary embolism, and heart attack . Tension can worsen the symptoms of anxiety. Massages , physiotherapy , a light exercise program, and relaxation techniques can relieve anxiety. Quiet breathing and body movement, as well as spartan distraction, also often relieve the feeling, but in more severe cases a doctor should be consulted. He can do profound work with the patient inside the psyche , which can alleviate the anxiety disorders. In acute cases, antidepressants and benzodiazepines can help relieve anxiety.

Individual evidence

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