Benediction loggia

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Facade of St. Peter's Basilica (with benediction loggia)
Lateran: Benediction loggia
Benediction loggia Santa Maria Maggiore

A Benedight loggia is one for the Benedight furnished loggia , specifically on the Peter place directed Mittellogia of St. Peter's . From here the Pope gives the apostolic blessing Urbi et Orbi on special occasions . After a papal election , the proclamation by the cardinal protodeacon and the first public appearance of the newly elected pope take place from here.

The Benediction Loggia can be reached through the Bendediktionsaula behind it, which extends over the entire width of the facade. This hall can be reached via the Scala Regia and the Sala Regia . Access from the Sistine Chapel as the place of papal election is very easy, as the loggia and Sistine are on the same level of the building complex. The loggia is not accessible to visitors to the Sistine Chapel at the end of a visit to the Vatican Museums .

A Benediction loggia can be found in Rome not only at St. Peter's Basilica. The facade of the Lateran Basilica or Santa Maria Maggiore is designed accordingly.


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