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Beos (Gracula religiosa)

Beos ( Gracula religiosa )

Order : Passerines (Passeriformes)
Subordination : Songbirds (passeri)
Family : Starlings (Sturnidae)
Subfamily : Mainatinae
Genre : Beos ( Gracula )
Type : Beo
Scientific name
Gracula religiosa
Linnaeus , 1758
  • Great Beo ( G. religiosa religiosa )
  • Mittelbeo ( G. religiosa intermedia )
  • Little Beo ( G. religiosa indica )

The Beo ( Gracula religiosa ) or Mynah is a bird art that the family of Stare belongs (Sturnidae).


The Beo is native to Sri Lanka , Southwest India , the East Indies, the Himalayan region , rear India , Borneo , Java and the Lesser Sunda Islands . In the tropical forests he lives in pairs or in small family groups.


The plumage is black; in appropriate light conditions it shimmers green. The most noticeable external feature is a yellow flap of skin on both sides of the head, which extends to the back of the head. The bird's second splash of color is a yellow beak . Beos can be between 26 cm and 35 cm in size.


As soft-eater , Beos mainly feed on fruits and insects .


Beo, recorded in Thailand

The Beo is cheerful. Because of his pronounced talent for languages, he is not only a popular pet in his homeland . However, the sounds produced by the Beo are loud. The birds have a life expectancy of around 15 years.

Hazardous situation and protective measures

Beo is in the Red List of Threatened Species of IUCN out and is globally not endangered as ( least concern ) assessed.

However, the species' ability to mimic sounds and human voices has resulted in great demand for pets and, as a result, economic interest in the species. After severe population losses were recorded at regional levels, the Beo has been listed on Appendix II of the Washington Convention on CITES since 1997 . Thus, the species may only be placed on the market under certain conditions.

This restriction on international trade was also stipulated at European level and is reflected in Appendix B of the EU Species Protection Regulation (EC) No. 338/97 and EC Regulation 407/2009 of the European Union.

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