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Soft-eaters are birds whose food is soft. These bird species prefer fruits , insects and molluscs in their diet . The seed or grain eaters are the complementary group. Numerous birds also feed on both forms of food.




The soft-eaters have rather pointed, dainty but also long, tweezer-like beaks .

Examples of native soft-eaters

Blackbirds , treecreepers , thrushes , dunnock , nuthatches , robins , woodpeckers , storks , swallows , starlings , wrens

Examples of exotic soft-eaters

Beo , Breitrachen , Bulbüls , Masked Lapwing , Hornbills , Pittas , Tokos

Grain eater

The beak of the grain eater is much stronger, thicker and often shorter than that of the soft eater.

Examples of native grain eaters

Finches (buckfinches, green finches, grosbeak , siskins , goldfinches ), tits , bullfinches and sparrows .

Examples of exotic grain eaters

Kanarengirlitz , weaver birds ( mask weaver ), splendor finches ( violet tiger )

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