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The Berlin Monthly Magazine was a magazine that appeared in Berlin from 1783 to 1796 . It was published by the Enlightenmentists Johann Erich Biester and Friedrich Gedike (who resigned from the editorial office in 1791) and served primarily as the mouthpiece of the Berlin Wednesday Society , a noble-bourgeois enlightened reform movement at the time of Frederick the Great . It is considered to be Immanuel Kant's favorite magazine , mainly because of the debates about the question: “ What is Enlightenment? "

The successor organs of this magazine were the Berlinische Blätter (1797–1798) , published by Biester alone, and the Neue Berlinische Monatsschrift (1799–1811) distributed by Friedrich Nicolai .

The 58 volumes of the Berlin Monthly Magazine and its follow-up pages (all together approx. 30,300 pages) were digitized in 1998 by the Bielefeld University library and made available on the Internet. They were distributed in 1999 on two CD-ROMs by Georg Olms Verlag , Hildesheim .

Berlin monthly at the Luisenstädtischer Bildungsverein

From April 1992 to June / July 2001 a magazine of the same name was published by the Luisenstädtischer Bildungsverein e. V. , which was supposed to continue the tradition of the historical model and above all reported on aspects of the history of Berlin.

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