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Bernhard Asmuth (born December 24, 1934 in Hohenlimburg ) is a German German philologist and university professor.


Asmuth initially studied Catholic theology for three years in Paderborn and Munich, then from 1957 German and Latin philology in Münster. After a brief activity as a high school teacher, he began teaching Modern German Studies at the Ruhr University in Bochum, which was opening teaching at the time, from November 1965 . In 1982 he became a professor there. Before that he was an academic senior counselor and since 1977 professor. In 1997 he retired.


His research focuses on baroque literature , genre poetics and stylistic key concepts, especially their new conception since the 18th century. Another topic is the history of the German school essay including its development from the progymnasmata of ancient rhetoric.

In 1969 Asmuth received his doctorate in Bochum with a dissertation on Lohenstein and Tacitus, which was initiated and supervised by Klaus Günther Just . It was recognized by the university as the best of the year in the Faculty of Philology, welcomed by Jürgen von Stackelberg in the Arcadia in 1972 as "a model of comparative literary research" and, according to Robert Seidel, in 2005 it is considered "still a fundamental study", especially since it is not limited to Lohenstein's Tacitus appropriation, but also includes French intermediate sources for his conspiracy drama Epicharis , which were previously hardly or not at all known as such.

In addition, Asmuth wrote introductions to poetry, style and, most of all, drama analysis. He wrote 15 extensive research articles for the Historical Dictionary of Rhetoric . There are also over 50 articles in other collective works, for example "Since when has the metaphor been considered an image?" from 1991.

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