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In terms of the vocational school for computer science, a distinction is made between the one-year and the two-year school form. The one-year vocational school for computer science leads to the extended secondary qualification with the appropriate grade average, the two-year vocational school for computer science is a school-based training to become a " state-certified technical assistant for computer science " or to become a " state-certified information technology specialist Assistant " . The following text essentially refers to the two-year vocational school for computer science.

A secondary school qualification or an equivalent qualification is required as an entry requirement for this type of school . The school type lasts two years. It is a full vocational training , i.e. This means that qualified work can be started. In addition, a secondary vocational school can be attended in order to obtain the advanced technical college entrance qualification , the subject-specific university entrance qualification or the general higher education entrance qualification.

The training is characterized by a wide range of practical activities, projects and much more, which promotes independent and team-oriented learning by the trainees. Depending on the school concept and curriculum, internships are either recommended or are a mandatory part of the training. General education is made up of the subjects of social studies, English, religion and sport.

BBuIT (job-related IT teaching) includes:

  • Develop and adapt software,
  • Create documents,
  • Create and maintain databases ,
  • Set up networks according to specifications,
  • Electronic circuits,
  • Integrate computers into technical processes,
  • Set up and administer single-user computers,
  • Act economically
  • mathematics

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