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The subject- related higher education entrance qualification is a higher educational qualification with the entitlement to study certain subjects and subjects at universities and all subjects at universities of applied sciences . This school leaving certificate is the Abitur without lessons / school examination in a second foreign language, which is essential for some subjects, such as Latin for medicine or law.


In the school system of the Federal Republic of Germany, a “certificate of subject-related higher education entrance qualification” can be issued with an upper secondary school qualification. It entitles you to study those courses of study that are listed in this certificate. A second foreign language is not necessary; however, there are certain other requirements.

With a final examination in a second foreign language, the subject can be converted into a general higher education entrance qualification ( Abitur ).

The subject-related higher education entrance qualification can also be acquired at these educational institutions:

also on one:

or by:

In some federal states, general or subject-related university admission to bachelor's degree programs is also open to particularly qualified and suitable professionals who do not have a general or subject-related university entrance qualification. The minimum requirements for this are a master craftsman's examination , an equivalent professional training examination or a certificate from a higher technical school or college. (For Bavaria, for example, see Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG) of 23 May 2006 (GVBl. P. 245, BayRS 2210-1-1-WFK), last amended by Section 1 of the law of 7 July 2009 (GVBl. P. 256) Art. 45 Paragraph 2.)

Recognition in other EU countries

For applicants from the Federal Republic of Germany with a "certificate of subject-related higher education entrance qualification" the following rule applies:

  • in Austria: “The certificate of the subject-related university entrance qualification entitles you to study those courses for which you are entitled to study in all countries of the Federal Republic of Germany. These are explicitly stated in this certificate. "

Individual evidence

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