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A Landeshochschulgesetz ( LHG ) is a law in Germany with which the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany exercise their legislative sovereignty in the higher education sector. This is assigned to the states by the Basic Law within the framework of their cultural sovereignty ; the federal government's previous framework competence has lapsed since the federalism reform of 2006. Accordingly, the Federal Higher Education Framework Act should expire in 2008, but has not yet been formally repealed.

The state university laws generally contain regulations on the personnel structure and internal organization of the university, on the co-determination of the individual member groups within the framework of the group university and on the organization of research , teaching and studies including university admissions and degrees.

All federal states now have a higher education law for all of their universities; in some countries it also includes professional academies and student unions . In the past, there were separate laws in several countries according to type of university (universities, technical colleges, art colleges, ...).

Coordination between the federal states takes place in the Standing Conference .

List of state university laws in Germany

  • Baden-Württemberg: State University Act Baden-Württemberg (LHG) of January 1, 2005
  • Bavaria: Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG) of May 23, 2006
  • Berlin: Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHG) of February 13, 2003 in the version announced on July 26, 2011
  • Brandenburg: Brandenburg Higher Education Act (BbgHG) of April 28, 2014
  • Bremen: Bremisches Hochschulgesetz (BremHG) of November 14, 1977 in the version published on May 9, 2007
  • Hamburg: Hamburg University Act (HmbHG) of July 18, 2001
  • Hessen: Hessian Higher Education Act (HHG) of December 14, 2009
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: State University Act Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (LHG MV) of July 5, 2002
  • Lower Saxony: Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (NHG) of June 24, 2002 as published on February 26, 2007
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: Higher Education Act North Rhine-Westphalia (HG) of September 16, 2014
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: Higher Education Act Rhineland-Palatinate (HochSchG) of July 21, 2003 in the version published on November 19, 2010
  • Saarland: Saarland Higher Education Act (SHSG) of November 30, 2016
  • Saxony: Saxon University Freedom Act (SächsHSFG) of December 10, 2008 in the version of the announcement of January 15, 2013
  • Saxony-Anhalt: Higher Education Act of the State of Saxony-Anhalt (HSG LSA)
  • Schleswig-Holstein: Higher Education Act Schleswig-Holstein (HSG)
  • Thuringia: Thuringian Higher Education Act (ThürHG)

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