District Office Manager

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In Hamburg the district office manager ( referred to as the district manager in the first years after the Second World War ) is the respective head of the local administration (of the district office ) in the seven districts ; this post is usually advertised publicly, a candidate is elected by the district assembly and then usually appointed by the Hamburg state government, the Senate , for 6 years. This mode has been in effect since the District Administration Act of May 22, 1978. Before that, the District Office Manager was appointed by the Senate in agreement with the District Assembly .

Due to the constitutional peculiarity that the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is both a federal state and a municipality (" unitary community "), the district offices are not independent administrative units; rather, they are subordinate to the district administration of the tax authority (legal supervision) and their departments are also subject to the respective specialist authorities (technical supervision). In addition, they are fiscally dependent on the budget plans decided in the state parliament ( Hamburg Citizenship ).

In the press, the district office managers are occasionally referred to as "district mayors".