Library for Research on Educational History

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BBF | Library for Research on Educational History

founding 1876
Duration 730,000 volumes
Library type Special library
place Berlin coordinates: 52 ° 30 ′ 17 ″  N , 13 ° 26 ′ 52 ″  EWorld icon
operator DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education

The BBF | Library for Educational History Research of the DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Educational Research and Educational Information is the largest special educational library in Germany with around 730,000 volumes . It sees itself as a research library for the entire field of historical educational research and is based in Berlin on Warschauer Strasse .


When it was founded in 1876, the library, under the name of the German School Museum, was part of a teaching material collection that the German teachers 'association had built up in the teachers' association building in Berlin . In the following years, the library was further expanded under the direction of Adolf Rebhuhn and, after the actual teaching material collection was separated, it was renamed the German Teachers' Library in 1908 . It should not only serve the advanced training, especially of elementary school teachers who were not yet trained at universities at the time, but from the beginning also the scientific research of the school system and education system.

After 1945, the German Teachers' Library was integrated into the GDR's Central Pedagogical Library , whose director was Leo Regener from 1952 to 1969 . In 1970 the Central Pedagogical Library became part of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences . After the academy was dissolved, the Central Pedagogical Library came under the sponsorship of the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) and was given a new collection profile called the Library for Research on the History of Education .

Today's library

One of the main tasks is to collect the most comprehensive possible source and research literature on the history of education in German-speaking countries. In doing so, she can fall back on an extensive old inventory (around 12,000 volumes with publication years up to 1830) as well as special collections such as B. of school programs and annual reports of higher schools in Prussia. An archive includes files and bequests on the history of education. The expansion of the library is funded by the German Research Foundation.

The BBF is publicly accessible and makes most of its inventory records available on the Internet. Selected collections are freely available in digitized form, such as educational journals and reference works from the 18th to the 20th century ( Scripta Paedagogica Online ) and illustrations on the history of education ( Pictura Paedagogica Online ).

As a communication center for historical educational research, the BBF organizes exhibitions and conferences; it also runs the specialist information forum on historical educational research online .


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