Bildungsverlag EINS

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Bildungsverlag EINS GmbH
legal form GmbH
founding 2001
Seat Cologne
management Edith-Sophie Sterling (Managing Director)
Number of employees 130 (2012)
sales € 48 million (2008)
€ 46 million (2010)
€ 27 million (2012)
Branch School book publishers

The educational publisher ONE GmbH is a German educational publisher for vocational education and training.

It was founded in 2001 through the merger of the publishers Gehlen, Kieser, Stam and the smaller Wolf publishers with Dürr + Kessler and Konkordia as well as Fortis. In 2007 the publishing house was sold by the international media group Wolters Kluwer to the private equity company Bridgepoint Capital, where it belonged to the Infinitas Learning group. The publisher has been part of the Westermann Group since 2013 .

The publishing house is the largest company in the field of vocational literature in German-speaking countries. It offers textbooks and materials for almost all apprenticeships as well as for full-time vocational schools. In addition to textbooks and specialist books, the publisher lists materials such as workbooks, teachers' manuals, teaching materials and exam preparation. Most of the titles are also available digitally.

The best-known titles include the "Wirtschaftslehre des Kreditwesens" (Wolfgang Grill et al.), Which appeared for the first time in 1966 and is constantly updated, and "Pädagogik" (edited by Hermann Hobmair), a specialist book for socio-educational training.

In 2017, Wilmar Diepgrond ended his long-term position as managing director, and he has been replaced by Edith-Sophie Sterling, who has also taken over the vocational training area in the Westermann Group.

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