Bloody Dead and Sexy

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Bloody Dead and Sexy
General information
Genre (s) Gothic punk , death rock
founding 1997
Founding members
Rosa Iahn
Wolfgang Reetz † (until 2000)
Tim shame
Bjorn Henningson
Current occupation
Rosa Iahn
Matias 13 (since 2006)
Tim shame
Bjorn Henningson
former members
d'hAmm (2000-2006)

Bloody Dead and Sexy is a gothic punk / death rock band from Germany .


Bloody Death and Sexy is one of the best-known representatives of the modern deathrock in Germany and recorded now several publications in collaboration with labels such as Dark Dimension or Alice in .... .

“It all started with a demo tape and a few local gigs. Unfortunately, at the beginning there wasn't much interest in our music. That changed suddenly with the rebirth of the Deathrock / Batcave scene at the turn of the millennium. "

- Rosa Iahn

Founded in 1997 in Voerde by Rosa Iahn , Tim Schande , Björn Henningson and Wolfgang Reetz , the band was able to acquire a large fan base - not least because of their intensive live performances in Europe and the USA. Founding member Wolfgang Reetz died in a motorcycle accident in 2000 and was replaced by d'hAmm on guitar. After a few guitarist changes, Matias 13 took over the part on guitar in 2006 .

On the current album Bad Ambient , are u. a. Guest appearances by greats like ex- Christian Death singer Gitane Demone and ex-Christian Death guitarist Kenton Holmes. In general, the album played a lot with tragedy and strokes of fate - for example, the song Plastic Night Sky is about the night in which Rosa Iahn's daughter died.


The musical style of playing Bloody Dead and Sexy is subordinate to modern death rock and gothic punk .

The songs of the band always present dark bass lines which are carried by brightly squeaking, hectically played bizarre melodies, and in some cases show an unmistakable resemblance to the early releases of the death rock band Christian Death . As with the latter, the variety extends from fast, hasty and angry songs to dark and tragic mostly slower songs.

Bloody Dead and Sexy himself likes to describe his music as psychedelic death rock . The term psychedelic is used here because of the typical psychedelic style of playing of the band. a. in the howling guitar sound - and partly through the characteristic psychedelic effects produced. Another reason is the need for individuality and the fear of being musically limited. It should be mentioned that a psychedelic style of playing was not uncommon and was often part of early death rock and gothic punk bands.

“We get very controversial feedback and are always judged on the first album Paint it Red , which corresponds most closely to the Deathrock cliché. What we do now we call Psychedelic Deathrock - that doesn't exist yet and that's why we can do what we want with it. "

- Rosa Iahn


  • 7 "Here Come the Flies (2002)
  • CD Paint It Red (2003)
  • CD Narcotic Room (2005)
  • CD Narcotic Room (2005) + Bonus EP (4 tracks)
  • CD Paint It Red ReRelease (2006) (+ 4 bonus tracks)
  • CD An Eye On You (2010)
  • MCD Liquid Gray (2011)
  • CD Bad Ambient (2013)
  • CD Crucifixion, Please! (an incomplete guide to psychedelic deathrock) (2017)

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