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Coordinates: 52 ° 35 '54.6 "  N , 13 ° 1' 25.9"  E

The Brieselanger Light is a modern legend about light phenomena in the Brieselang Forest near Brieselang .

First reports

The first reports of light phenomena are believed to be from the 1980s. Since then there have been regular reports about light phenomena, but also about voices and noises.

Light phenomena

Most of the reported light phenomena are said to be white in color. However, red and green light phenomena are also described. The light should appear spontaneously nearby, but also be visible from a distance. The occurrence ranges from flickering and subsequent disappearance to floating appearances.

Attempts to explain

Various natural causes, but also phenomena from the field of parapsychology, are used to explain the Brieselanger light .

Child murder 1945

One legend relates to the murder of the 12-year-old girl Elisabeth Wieja in 1945. The author Günter F. Janßen has researched the historical background and processed it in a novel. Wieja had moved to Alt-Brieselang with her parents in the summer of 1945. When the girl tried to show drunken Soviet soldiers the way through the forest, they first raped Wieja and shot her to the face. After this act, either the girl's ghost or, alternatively, the torch of her searching father should be visible in the forest.

Natural explanations

Since the Brieselanger Forest is a former marshland that was drained under Friedrich Wilhelm I in the 18th century, gas can form in the soil. Depending on the climate and weather, these gases can ignite and cause light phenomena (will- o'-the-wisps ). According to TA Günter, anomalistics researcher, even fireflies have already been misinterpreted.

Anthropogenic explanations

Light phenomena caused by humans can be attributed to car headlights or flashlights from other light seekers. Attacks by young people in connection with the Brieselanger light are also described.

The affected part of the Brieselanger Forest is a comparatively small forest area with an area of ​​around 6 square kilometers. The area is bounded by the busy country roads L201 in the north, the L202 in the east and in the south-west by residential areas in Brieselang. When it is dark, therefore, lights from vehicles or lights from the settlement area can often be seen through the trees.


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