Bromios (son of Aegyptus)

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Bromios ( ancient Greek Βρόμιος Brómios ) is one of the 50 sons of Aigyptus , the twin brother of Danaos , in Greek mythology . His mother was the naiad Kaliadne , with whom Aigyptus had eleven other sons: Eurylochos , Phantes , Peristhenes , Hermos , Dryas , Potamon , Kisseus , Lixos , Imbros , Polyktor and Chthonios .

For the mass wedding of the 50 sons of Aegyptus with the 50 daughters of Danaos, at which lot decided on the pairing, he was assigned Erato , the daughter of the Naiad Polyxo , as wife. Like the other sons of Aegyptus with the exception of Lynkeus , he was killed by his wife on their wedding night.



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