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Otto Jessen (born July 18, 1864 in Hamburg , † December 21, 1936 in Berlin ) was a German classical philologist and publicist.


Otto Jessen, son of the commercial school director of the same name Otto Jessen (1826–1904), attended the Johanneum grammar school and, from 1880, the Friedrich Wilhelm grammar school in Berlin , where his family had moved. After graduation, he went to the University of Greifswald in spring 1883 , where he studied classical philology and history. Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff , Adolph Kießling and Otto Seeck were among his academic teachers .

In the fall of 1884 he moved to the University of Berlin , where, in addition to the seminar exercises with Adolf Kirchhoff and Johannes Vahlen , he heard lectures by Ernst Curtius , Hermann Diels and Carl Robert . Robert, who represented philology and archeology equally, shaped him the most. At his suggestion, Jessen went to the University of Munich for two semesters in autumn 1885 , where he attended archaeological lectures with Adolf Furtwängler and philological lectures with Rudolf Schöll , Wilhelm von Christ and Eduard Wölfflin . During his studies he became a member of the Academic Liedertafel Berlin in the Sondershäuser Association in 1884/85 . 1889 Jessen was in Berlin with a thesis Prolegomena in catalogum Argonautarum graduated and passed the state examination for higher teaching. After graduation, Jessen worked as a candidate, from 1890 as a senior teacher at the Friedrichsgymnasium in Berlin.

In addition to the school service, Jessen wrote articles for the Realencyclopedia of classical antiquity on behalf of Georg Wissowa . At the same time, Jessen was consulted by Wilhelm Heinrich Roscher as a collaborator on his detailed lexicon of Greek and Roman mythology .

In the spring of 1893, Jessen left school and worked for the Wolff Telegraphic Bureau . In 1895 he was transferred to Munich, where he headed the South German correspondence office. In 1911 he moved to Hamburg, where he was head of the local branch of Wolff's office. In 1913 he became head of department at the Berlin headquarters, where he worked until his retirement (1929).


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