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Brut stands for:

  • Brood , the offspring of birds, fish, reptiles, and insects
    • Transferred to children, offspring
    • Disparaging for rabble , shortening of devil brood, hell brood
  • Brut (Sekt) , a characterization of very dry (low-sugar) sparkling wines
  • Art brut , an art form that stands outside the established art system
  • brut Wien , a co-production house for the independent theater, dance and performance scene in Vienna
  • Brut Magazin , a digital design and culture magazine
  • the Anglo-Norman and Middle English form of the Latin name Brutus
  • a village in the Russian republic of North Ossetia, see Brut (North Ossetia)
  • Serbian spelling of Brrut , a village in the Dragash municipality in Kosovo.

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