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Port area of ​​Bubaque
Port area of ​​Bubaque
Waters Atlantic Ocean
Archipelago Bissagos Archipelago
Geographical location 11 ° 17 ′  N , 15 ° 50 ′  W Coordinates: 11 ° 17 ′  N , 15 ° 50 ′  W
Bubaque (Guinea-Bissau)
length 13.6 km
width 8 kilometers
surface 75 km²
Residents 6422 (2009)
86 inhabitants / km²
main place Bubaque
Map of the Bissagos Archipelago
Map of the Bissagos Archipelago

Bubaque is an island in the Bissagos Archipelago , which belongs to Guinea-Bissau . Bubaque is the tourist and economic center of the Bissagos Islands. Around two thirds of the 6422 inhabitants (as of 2009) live in the capital of the same name in the north of the island.

The island belongs to the Bubaque administrative sector of the same name .

Bubaque can be reached by ferry from Bissau and by plane. There are also connections to numerous other islands in the archipelago.


At the beginning of the 20th century, German traders built a palm oil factory and an 18 km long asphalt road on Bubaque. To date, it is the only paved road on the Bissagos Islands. The ruins of the palm oil factory now serve as a market hall.

Sons and daughters of the island

Individual evidence

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