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Bubblicious is a brand of chewing gum that belongs to the Mondelēz International group. It was introduced in the USA and Canada in 1977 and was the first soft bubblegum of its kind. Since 2010, Bubblicious has been marketed in Germany by Trebor Bassett Sharps GmbH, the German sales company of the Cadbury Group (now Mondelēz International).

Products in Germany

In Germany, three different product groups Bubblicious are offered: Bubblicious Sticks, the sugar-free Bubblicious Tutti Frutti and Bubblicious Magic Balls.

The Bubblicious Sticks are available in Germany in the varieties Ultimate Original (fruity), Strawberry Splash, Cola, Jenka (mint) and Shake (liquorice).

The sugar-free Bubblicious Tutti Frutti is a tooth-friendly bubblegum and still retains its flavor intensity. This combination is rather unusual for a bubblegum, but geared towards the relatively young market of health-conscious chewing gum .

The Bubblicious Magic Balls consist of different colored spherical chewing gum, which, depending on the combination, result in different flavors. So z. B. the combination of orange (orange balls) and pear (green balls) a new apple flavor variant. In this way, up to 6 flavors can be created individually from one pack by the consumer.

Promotional activity

Bubblicious was able to win the US basketball star LeBron James for an advertising cooperation in the USA. In 2005, this collaboration in the USA resulted in the product LeBron's Lightning Lemonade .


The world record for most bubble gum bubbles blown simultaneously in the Guinness Book of Records is held by Bubblicious.

There is a variety of hemp called Bubblicious, whose taste and smell are reminiscent of fruity chewing gum.

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