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The book run card is used by bookstores to control inventory . It is placed in book copies that are available in the bookstore z. B. are available as sales copies. When it is sold, it is removed from the cash register and used to supplement from the warehouse or to reorder. The book run cards can differ in appearance, content and notations, depending on the company or organization.

In order to obtain the necessary information about the availability of a book title and to simplify the ordering process, in addition to the usual bibliographic information ( publisher , series title and series number, ISBN , and short title), purchase-related data such as order number of the bar range , publisher number and information about minimum stock, Number of copies added, order date and supplier entered. If a card is lost because it was not removed when it was sold or the book was stolen, a new card is created.

With the introduction of closed goods systems, manually managed index cards are no longer necessary, since all inputs and outputs are recorded in the computer and warehouse control can therefore be carried out seamlessly.


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