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CAVOK (pronounced [ ˌkævoʊˈkeɪ ]) is a weather description in aviation . The weather code represents C louds A nd V isibility OK (dtsch. Clouds and visibility OK ) and says good visual flight conditions without limiting restrictions. It is used in ATIS reports, Meteorological Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR) and Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF).

The following conditions are also necessary for the weather situation to be classified as CAVOK:

  • Ground view (horizontal view ) 10 km or more
  • The minimum horizontal visibility on the ground does not meet the conditions for reporting a significant direction-dependent visibility difference
  • No clouds below 5000 ft or the highest minimum sector altitude , MSA , if this is higher
  • No storm clouds ( cumulonimbus ) and no clouds of the type Cumulus congestus, known in aviation as towering cumulus , regardless of their lower limit
  • No significant weather phenomena (precipitation, meteorological phenomena such as haze, smoke or dust, etc.)

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